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Small Field Applications


AquaTech offers a varity of products to fit your small ag field needs.  Below are just some of the options we utilize to help you keep those smaller areas productive with minimal labor and energy.  With the help of modern imagery and CAD design, we can quickly layout customized options for your ranch or home.


The systems consist of a series of heavy duty polyethylene pods spaced at intervals along specially formulated polyethylene tubing. These lines of pods are designed to be moved by an ATV or small tractor along a predetermined route on a daily or as desired basis. The specially formulated tubing is designed to withstand the stresses exerted on it while moving.

Gun Carts

Gun Carts offer an afordable way to effectively irrigate your smaller areas.  We have options in both the carts and the guns to help fit your field.  Full circle, part circle, different pressures, different flow rates - Gun Carts can be customized and changed as needed to meet your changing needs.


Water reels make irrigation easy. Simply set up the hose reel and pull out the hose to irrigate your field.  Hose reels are extremely effective in those long and narrow areas. We have  the right combination of pumps, sprinklers and reels to meet your individual needs.

Wheel line & Hand line

Wheellines and handlines still have a place in today's irrigation world in the correct application and situations. Come in and discuss what might work best for your fields and budget.


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