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In today's world, technology keeps you in control from anywhere in the world! When you are leaving your irrigation for a day or just hours with technology you can control it from anywhere!
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Valley 365

Valley 365™ is the next-level solution for connected crop management. Take your farming technology solutions full circle with this single sign-on platform that unites the best features of our top-rated remote management solutions into one easy-to-use interface.

Wireless Pump Control

Controling your pump from your pivot has never been easier with wireless controls.  Be it a burned out wire or a new installation, see how we can integrate the new controls into your operation.



AgSense offers serveral advanced options to remotely monitor and control your irrigation equipment.  Any brand of pivot plus pumps and other equipment can all be managed in one location through the app.  Take a look and see how AgSense can help your operation.

Our Pump VFD offerings can help you save on those high electric bills and extend the life of your irrigation equipment.  Drives can also make your operation more efficient.

Valley® BaseStation3™

Manage your pivots from anywhere with a Valley BaseStation3.  Using a combination of telemetry and web based services, you can monitor and control your machines on the fly.  No more driving around just to make sure things are running.

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